Self-made Intvw[Snippet]

"I'm the M A N"— aloe blacc,
* * *

What factors lead to your decision to declare early before just enrolling back into school for another year?

I just felt like the time was honestly now or never like, I represent the struggle. Forreal, like before I knew I was going to do this . I thought I was going to literally die on the streets, I’ve been living in my old house where pepco came and cut the power off. Like in November . Forreal , my dog died of starvation . Because nobody was willing , or caring enough to want to help. Literally, I just knew I was next. So yes, if I didn’t do it this year and start training as early as September I would most likely be on the run right now. Trafficking , or evading warrants or something. I grew up and lived in a tough area up Until Mid-April of 2013…

Preview : of my pre-draft interview and documentary

Stay tuned.. . 


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