Monumental weekend . 1/24

His first pro-bowl. Just happens to be the most stylish one 'Swagged out' God is Good.
Joe Haden at,His first pro-bowl. Talking to Prime, Just happens to be the most stylish one ‘Swagged out’ God is Good.

As this weekend winds down . I just want to take the time out to First of all thank God for every opportunity possible to make myself, his son, willing and able . To provide all these things which will remain vivid memories of mines for decades to come. Afterwards . I would have to thank every single fan/supporters of mines because I am definitely a fan/supporter of you all. I just pray that I live up to all my standards bestowed within myself, which in turn I know will exceed your standards of Myself, Brendan Munnerlyn. So thank you, 7 days unto my 24th birthday, I can honestly say that I never knew if I would actually live this long. Coming from poverty,crime-ridden areas where I had to lay my head with no choice, and no clue how I would eat the very next day . Living with people that doubted if I would ever reach my pinnacle. But People like, Mr.Tony Lewis jr., Scott Bergman & staff. Stacy Angu, my girlfriend who is an aspiring doctor, that takes me anywhere to keep my dream alive. Mr.Warren Sapp himself,an official NFL Hall of Famer taking the time out of his important day to encourage Me, in the smallest of ways. My entire Church family of Oil of Joy Ministry Christian Center, as well as Pastor Charles Hamlin jr. ; LaMont Peterson 140 pound boxing champion. My family Members and Friends that believe and have since day one. I’m just so blessed. So Thank you all, and for future reference, a lot of people that cross my path, constantly remind me “Not to forget about them” kinda as a joke, but you know they say “there is some truth to every joke” and I know it’s harmless joking manor but I believe when people suspect that of me that is an attack on my character,morales, and family values. I would do anything for anybody I can as of now, because of that people consider me a great prideful,humbled person and I would never change. God Bless, in grace and Peace, Amen.

[caption id="attachment_35" align="alignnone" width="300"]"You can learn a lot from anybody, and I know this guy only advises the best for me. He cant always guide me on exactly what to do but he can always remind me to NOT make the same mistakes, always learn from experience. I love him like a best friend and look up to him like a father figure. God Bless."

[caption id="attachment_32" align="alignnone" width="200"]#dcornothing Last Night was Mad R3AL .

Scott and I .


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