Brendan Munnerlyn (Milford) Scouting Report



Brendan Munnerlyn, CB, Milford Academy (HT: 6’0”; WT: 170 lbs)


  • Shows quick feet and smooth backpedal when on the line of scrimmage.
  • Throttles down efficiently on comebacks and curls, limiting wasted steps and breaking back towards the ball well.
  • Very feisty competitor against the run and while playing press.
  • Uses leverage well by getting underneath the pads of the receiver to jam him and disrupt routes.
  • Quicker than fast, he can accelerate quickly and operate effectively in a zone.
  • Played well in Cover 2 zone from the limited tape available.
  • Received a lot of interested during the recruiting process, indicating he is a solid athlete.
  • Overcame a lot during his upbringing, and seems to truly love the game.


  • Difficult to truly gauge athletic ability due to the talent around him.
  • Didn’t play a lot of football in college because of financial and legal issues. It could take…

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