Sitting in serv…

Sitting in service. Pondering on how blessed I Have been since birth with both ability as well as charisma . God is Great, Won 2013-14 Most Outstanding Athlete in the community. Very Prestigious Award, in exchange for my hardworking dedication , I just want to thank all my fans, Thousands of them that keep me striving for success everyday. The interviewers, The scouts, and The analyst.. My Coaches, Training staff, My Church Family, Support staff and My Friends and Family, My agency, all you people are constantly putting your reputation out there on the line for me every single day. I have less than 7 days to show up and prove to the non-believers in the power of faith and prayer. Work Ethic as well Dedication. Some people are gracious enough to let me actually inspire them by the things I say.. God is so great to me, And God Bless you !! Amen,

“Let god define your greatness And give him all the glory,”

7 days from Now . .. .


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