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Haden Sports & Performance CNtr.

Haden Sports & Performance CNtr.

Brendan Munnerlyn, First one in, Last one out . Only at the Haden’s House .


All of the lights .

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

“Turn up the lights in here baby. extra bright I want yall to see this . turn up the lights in here baby . you know what I need want you to see everything want you to see all of the lights . “

Unemployment line . credit card declined. did I not mention I was about to lose my mind .


Man its been a crazy ride . I just want to thank god for every opportunity, Im just blessed . first of all .

secondly, I always appreciated the lights . all of them . the spotlight being on me (even when no one is around, or looking) I still know that everybody is focusing their cameras and eyesight on me at all times. But they aren’t willing to shadow me around all the time . also, if they did they would be bored and tired, and quit sooner or later. because they don’t “see the bigger picture, you just see the silhouette” . But I remain focused myself, its crazy . people want me to just quit. retire . and work an non-easygoing everyday 925 . well I much rather grind 24/7 then to be just as easily replaceable . I love to wake up in the morning and do what I love to do . I never dread going to my agents office and kicking it with lawyers, and financial advisors, agents . whoever. making them laugh. Playing xbox one in my own madden season , while they are hard at work at 10 am . I love it. leaving there to go shopping . being entertained . live musical shows in the afternoon I love it . Going to the gym . working my ass off. I love it. nothing is better. nothing could possibly be better. whether I finish strong or not . which I usually always finish strong. putting in extra work when everyone else leaves. being the first one in last one out . that’s really my honest mentality . so of course nobody would ever always be around when I show up at scott’s firm at 8 am and they aren’t arriving until 9 or 10 maybe 11. the first one at the gym . the first client. the first one to work hard. nobody see’s that . they just see all of the lights in between that. and that’s all they want to see .

Self Made Interview Snippet #1

‘Ironman’ Brendan Munnerlyn describing “What is his Greatest Strength?” asked about by every scout College and Professional. Check out his immediate answer. Keep in Mind this interview was/is “Self-Made”. Stay tuned for the exclusive interview, in its entirety.

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1999 Oxon Hill County Champs.

1999 Oxon Hill County Champs.

Brendan Munnerlyn, Markel Starks, LaMaar Thomas, Bryan Brooks, Carlos Davis, William Pointer, Brandon Ford, Coach Short, William Hudgens, ANdre Green, Preston, Lil Keith, Marcel, Ernest Graham, Eric Graham, Avery Williams, etc.

Went 9-1. Unscored on in all 9 victories. Immaculent.